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I Will Make More Oddbods OCs Since I am Happy That I Watched All Episodes of Oddbods Season 2 on Disney Channel Asia from May 20th to June 24th. Maybe More Future Smashified Characters Maybe??


SR20 Smashified:

Series 6 (So So Happy and Skelanimals Special):
Kit (Skelanimals), Tribe (So So Happy), Mix-Tape (So So Happy), Bonita (Skelanimals), Puff (So So Happy)
Q-Baller (So So Happy), Maxx (Skelanimals), Marcy (Skelanimals), Elle (Skelanimals), Lulu (So So Happy)
Jae (Skelanimals), Gertie (So So Happy), Doomdrop (So So Happy), Dax (Skelanimals), Stump (So So Happy)

Series 7:
Tiffi (Candy Crush Saga), Waffle (So So Happy), Roy (Skelanimals), Lucky (So So Happy), Kimmy (Candy Crush Soda Saga)
Yarida (Patapon 3), Tetarazay (Patapon 3), Yumiyacha (Patapon 3), Neeoh (Mixels OCs), Brusho (Mixels OCs)
Timmy Turner (The Fairly OddParents!), Cosmo (The Fairly OddParents!), Wanda (The Fairly OddParents!), Poof (The Fairly OddParents!), Foop (The Fairly OddParents!)

Series 8:
Talking Tom (Talking Tom and Friends), Sparky (The Fairly OddParents!), Mr. Yeti (Candy Crush Saga), Talking Angela (Talking Tom and Friends), Sprout (So So Happy)
Chloe Carmicheal (The Fairly OddParents!), Talking Ginger (Talking Tom and Friends), Monica (Oggy and The Cockroaches), Keullo (Canimals OCs), Hyper (Oddbods OCs)
Talking Ben (Talking Tom and Friends), Leaflip (Mixels OCs), Obrut (Mixels OCs), Talking Hank (Talking Tom and Friends), Anti-Cosmo (The Fairly OddParents!)

Series 9:
Owl (The Owl/The Owl and Co.), Charlie Chaplin (Chaplin and Co.), Joy (Inside Out), Zansay (Mixels OCs), Scotty (Canimals OCs)
Eizan Kaburagi (Shuriken School), Sadness (Inside Out), Anger (Inside Out), Jack (Skelanimals), Frost (So So Happy)
Fear (Inside Out), Disgust (Inside Out), Bing Bong (Inside Out), Jimmy B (Shuriken School), Okuni Dohan (Shuriken School)

Series 10 (Patapon/LocoRoco Special):
Bonmucho (LocoRoco), Ragewolf (Patapon 3), Viole (LocoRoco 2), Ravenous (Patapon 3), Budzi (LocoRoco)
Naughtyfins (Patapon 3), Pekerone (LocoRoco), Miss Covet-Hiss (Patapon 3), Chavez (LocoRoco), Buzzcraze (Patapon 3)
Tupley (LocoRoco), Sonarchy (Patapon 3), Slogturtle (Patapon 3), Priffy (LocoRoco), Destrobo (Patapon 3)

Series 11:
The Second Coming (Animator vs. Animation), Red (Larva), Yellow (Larva), Other Pogo (Oddbods Season 2/The Oddbods Show), Ooku (Canimals OCs)
Jackson (Oddbods OCs), Hantso (Mixels OCs), Stonie (Mixels OCs), Pink (Larva), Anti-Wanda (The Fairly OddParents!)
Fang (So So Happy), Miso Paes (So So Happy), Inventi (Mixels OCs), Wooyari (Patapon 3), Alosson (Patapon 3)

Series 12:
Harry (Harry & Bunnie), Bunnie (Harry & Bunnie), Brown (Scarab) (Larva), Black (Rhino Bettle) (Larva), Madame Penny (Harry & Bunnie)
Rainbow (Snail/Slug) (Larva), Kibadda (Patapon 3), Bowmunk (Patapon 3), Karate Joe (Rhythm Heaven), Siq (So So Happy)
Ivory (Stick Bug) (Larva), Shocko (Mixels OCs), Ticka (Mixels OCs), DJ Yellow and Student (Rhythm Heaven), Dreambert (Mario & Luigi: Dream Team)

Future Series:
Shoala (LocoRoco OCs), Chuck Chicken (Chuck Chicken), Henry Stickmin (Henry Stickmin Series), Lady Meden (Patapon), Anti-Sparky (The Fairly OddParents!), Jorgen Von Strangle (The Fairly OddParents!), Turbo Thunder (The Fairly OddParents!: Wishology), Gark (Counterfeit Cat), Max (Counterfeit Cat), Perry The Platypus (Phineas and Ferb), Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz (Phineas and Ferb), Harry The Hyena (The O.W.C.A. Files), Maggie The Macaw (The O.W.C.A. Files), Karen The Cat (The O.W.C.A. Flies), Star Butterfly (Star vs. The Forces of Evil), Marco Diaz (Star vs. The Forces of Evil), Luto (Star vs. The Forces of Evil), Geno (Super Mario RPG: Legend of The Seven Stars), Eldream (Mario & Luigi: Dream Team), Bedsmith (Mario & Luigi: Dream Team), Oddroid (Oddbods Season 2/The Oddbods Show), Yinbod (Oddbods Season 2/The Oddbods Show), Yangbod (Oddbods Season 2/The Oddbods Show), Kevin (Minions), Bob (Minions), Stuart (Minions), Scarlet Overkill (Minions), Young Gru (Minions), Gru (Despicable Me), Graphite (Rat) (Larva), Green (Frog) (Larva), Cyan and Aqua (Piegons) (Larva)

Future Universes:
Rion and Friends (My Mii OCs), Zip Zip, Kid vs Kat, Boyster, Plants vs. Zombies, Peanuts by Shultz (2016 Series), Papa Pear Saga, Toy Story, The Good Dinosaur
  • Watching: Oddbods
  • Playing: Mario & Luigi: Dream Team
  • Eating: Sponge Cake
  • Drinking: Iced Tea


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Hey! I am Kulit7215! Also Known as StarRion20! I am The Animated Hobbyist, Drawing Artist and a Great Gamer of PSP and 3DS! I Use This Site for Posting Drawings and Seeing Inspirational Pictures.

My YouTube Channel:…
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Shows and Other Media I Watch:
Oddbods, Lego Mixels, Canimals, Suckers, Harry & Bunnie, Larva, Talking Tom and Friends, The Fairly OddParents, The Owl and Co., Spongebob Squarepants, So So Happy, Skelanimals, Chowder, Oggy and the Cockroaches, Zig & Sharko, Artzooka!, The Powerpuff Girls (2016 Reboot), Phineas & Ferb, Star vs. The Forces of Evil

Nintendo 3Ds: Stamp by JazzaXStamp - Mii Lover by byte-byteStamp Nintendo Wii - Mii fan by ilaaariaStamp nintendo - Mii by ilaaaria

GAMER Casual STAMP by Faeth-designUSA Language Level stamp3 by Faeth-designFilipino Lang - Beginner.. by xXMoonXWalkerXxJP Language Level stamp2 by Faeth-design

deviantART Stamp 9 by nirman

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